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Gravelmouth Gallery and El Gallista ~ San Antonio

Taking the road less traveled on a Saturday afternoon, I wandered down South Flores Street in “Southtown” San Antonio, to discover Gravelmouth

This is actually part of a complex called 1906.

"We are a collective group of artists, design professionals, fabricators, professional framers and creative problem solvers."

1906 includes Gavelmouth Artist Space as well as a number of other studios and Benavides Picture Framing.

I learned this area of San Antonio is called the, "Lone Star Art District," and it has a Facebook page (follow the link). Expect exciting new developments here in the months and years ahead …

Despite being “down” for the installation of new exhibitions, they allowed me explore the studios and gallery spaces behind the scenes (thank you).

The front tire of the gigantic motorcycle above (“parked” outside the complex), is actually as tall as I am, which is about five and a half feet.

I also ventured across the street to El Gallista Gallery and visited with Joe Lopez.

Joe is pictured above showing me a few of his beautiful watercolors. He was kind enough to give me a tour of the entire building and the art studios found at El Gallista as well. In my opinion, Joe should be commissioned to create tiles based on his watercolors. His images of local neighborhood scenes are charming and very lovely.

One of my more popular Tumblrs features a reproduction of a painting by Ricardo de la O, which I acquired from Joe while visiting El Gallista. I wish I could purchase the original, as I adore this work!

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