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Happy Fourth of July!

Two Viddys from the 2013 fireworks show in San Antonio (plus two Instagrams, above):

1) Creative firework “sprays” above Tower of the Americas

2) Grand finale (very grand!)

I did take one Vine but the Instagram video was a tad blurry. I like the Viddys best!

Thanks to our sponsors. It was a great show!

Summer in San Antonio, Texas ~ “Life” Around Town

I moved to San Antonio in fall, 2010, and I am still a bit of a tourist.

Sharing a few photographs from my travels around town in 2012 … as I enjoyed a “staycation.”

  • Liberty Bar (marvelous food and a great place to camp out if your wireless goes down at home)
  • Tower of the Americas (I live nearby and enjoy this landmark a great deal; Chart House is found at the top, and it has a commanding view of San Antonio)
  • Pearl Brewery (an area being rapidly developed at present which includes a branch of the Culinary Institute of America, and a Saturday farmers market)
  • Auden’s Kitchen (located on the far north side of town in a very nice neighborhood, I love coming here for gourmet hamburgers; chef Bruce Auden is perhaps even better known for BIGA on the Riverwalk ~ either way, you can’t miss)